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3 Simple Tricks to Get Profit in Crypto Day Trading

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Cryptocurrency market is booming once again and people are hoarding to invest their fund. But, mostly they are returning with no profit or even loss. But, if you know some tricks, you can earn high profit every day through day trading. How? Here’s some secret techniques for you.


Choose Any Highly Volatile & Liquid Crypto

Highly volatile coins are those that goes through sharp price up downs every day and there’s very less stability. On the other hand, highly liquid crypto means, that has thousands and millions of ready buyers at any point of time. So, if you can predict these coins properly and can invest at a low price, you can easily sell them at a higher price within few hours and generate huge profit easily.

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Choose 5-Minute Chart for Prediction

It’s a secret technique that gives you a better insight about the trend of the crypto price very easily on the news few minutes or hours. If you follow this 5-minute chart attentively for a couple of days, you can easily learn how a chart goes and what symptoms it shows before going up or down sharply. So, once you achieve that technique, you can book high profit within few minutes or a couple of hours easily.

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Follow the 100 Level Reaction

The price chart shows the level of any crypto and it keeps changing when someone buys or sells a coin. When it suddenly reaches the 100 level, it signifies that some bulk buyers have entered the market and that’s the crucial time. If the price goes down after the first two 100 level achievements, you can be sure that today the price will fall on its nose and it’s better to retain your coins and rather prepare for buying some more at lower price. Next day, as soon as the price reaches a higher point, sell them and book your profit.

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