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How to Sell Cryptocurrency Quickly to Get Cash in Your Currency

how to sell cryptocurrency

Crypto market is falling drastically since the starting of 2022 and people are getting impatient to sell their crypto. Though as per market experts, it’s a temporary correction time of the market and the market should revamp soon with even more speed. But, as the percentage of price drop is very high, people aren’t getting enough confidence to hold their crypto coins.


So, what are the various ways to sell your cryptocurrency quickly and how you can get cash in your currency? Well, there are several ways that you can choose.

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Selling Coins in Various Crypto Exchange

The most popular and natural way to convert your coins into cash is to sell them in any crypto exchange. This is somehow similar to any share trading broker account and you can set your coins for sell at any point of time. Based on the current price, you’ll get cash deposited in your wallet or bank after deduction of their fees. Coinbase, Kraken, BlockFi are some of the popular crypto exchanges where you can sell your coins. However, if you belong to any non-USD country, you have to check if your currency is available on that exchange or not.

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Peer to Peer Selling

Not all crypto exchange offers peer to peer crypto transfer. But, if your exchange has this facility, you can take advantage of this feature and convert your coins to cash easily. You simply need to put your coins on sell at the peer node and any interested person would accept the request. If you want, you can set your currency type and on that case you’ll get the price as per your country’s currency.

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There are other ways popular in the coin market. However, it is highly recommended not to trust them unquestionably as mostly those are run by fraudulent people. So, do enough investigation before you finally take any decision.

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