nhnhbg Impact of Russia-Ukraine Tension — Bitcoin Fell under $42000 – Money Up Down
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Impact of Russia-Ukraine Tension — Bitcoin Fell under $42000

bitcoin price drop

With the increasing tension and war like environment, the price of Bitcoin dropped under $42000, which is as low as last 50day average. Being the costliest crypto in the market, it has shocked thousands of investors as it is a huge drop, in percentage which is around 5.4%.

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As the news spread among investors, other crypto coins also started falling rapidly where Ether fell 5.7% and the trend continued to other large coins.


While several crypto experts say that it’s a correction of the market and the price will boom up again very soon, the traders aren’t well confident to buy new coins. As a result the demand has dropped massively and so some experts say, it will affect the market even badly.

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As per a report, the political disturbance between Europe and Ukraine has caused this price drop and people aren’t sure if it will continue or the market will recover again.

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Check today’s price update after this price drop.

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