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Shiba INU Jumped Up with 26% Increase — Crypto Market Recovering Again

shiba inu price jump

The crypto market boomed once again with a sharp 26% increase in Shiba INU price within last 24hours. As per a report, it is highest in last one month and though it showed a resistance after this level leading to sell off and thus the price dropped slightly again.


At the same time, it is noticed that Bitcoin and Ether also gained a good percentage of price crossing the $42000 and $3000 level once again. As per the market experts, it is a clear sign that the market is recovering once again and it can burst with several more percentage in the overall cryptos.

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During the morning hours in the Asian time, the changes were noticed most prominently where most of the popular cryptos started gaining price and bulk number of traders started transacting in several cryptocurrencies.

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As per a news, DogeCoin, Memecoins, XRP and several other crypto traders also noticed a good jump in the price leaving smile on their face and the investors are happy once again.


Recently Shiba INU got tied with a fast food chain which caused the surge in the price — says a crypto market researcher. As per him, Shib got tied by the last weekend and the price jump is resulted for that good news and the trend should continue.

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The fast food chain declared that investors and community members can now purchase their food products using Shiba coin and that’s how both the parties will grow mutually and the investors will get the benefit.

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