nhnhbg Shiba INU Price Surge Continues with 40% Hike within 24 Hours – Money Up Down
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Shiba INU Price Surge Continues with 40% Hike within 24 Hours

shiba inu price surge

Cryptocurrency fans have become mesmerised with the price spike of Shiba INU where last day it grew around 26% and during the last 24hours it surged 40%. It remained in the breaking news of many crypto news platform as it’s one of the biggest news in the year 2022 till now.


As per a report, this spike is not propelled by any developer and thus it is a natural spike which suppose to sustain for a couple of days at least or may be higher. Though normal corrections are natural in any trading platform.

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As per a news, it is rather the effect of the tweets by Bigger Entertainment where they claimed to burn 162million tokens. They included that they will burn these tokens on the event of Valentine’s Day to maintain a reasonable balance between coin supply and demand. As per experts, it’s the prime reason that spiked up the market and after valentine’s day, the price may surge even more.

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The company included that they will burn the coins live on YouYube on 14th February, 2022 at 2pm CST. After this declaration, the market moved sharply and the price jumped up radically affecting the overall market.

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Here it must be mentioned that from the beginning of the year, the crypto market was going down making the investors upset with huge loss every day. Even Bitcoin and Ether price dropped a lot keeping people shocked. However, now, after seeing the price surge of Shiba INU, other cryptos also are taking pace.

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