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Shiba INU — The Probable Market Leader Cryptocurrency of 2022

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The overall prediction for the crypto market in the year is Bullish, as says the market experts. But, which cryptocurrency would be the leader? Well, as noticed during thorough research on various cyrptos it is found that Shiba INU can be proven as a game-changer in the year 2022.

During the year 2021 several new crypto coins has done exceptional growth and a record number of new people also entered the market. While it didn’t returned any overwhelming result yet, it must boom in the coming new year.

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To be more prominent about the growth report, we must say that Shiba INU has made a record growth of 48,000,000% and thus whoever has invested even the minimum amount has got tremendous profit already. But, it’s not the end and Shiba INU still has far way to go.

If we look bank in the price jumps of this digital coin in the year 2021, we can see that during the month of October, the coin made a huge progress from $0.000007 to US$0.0008 which is an outstanding performance for such a new crypto. Even the top rated financial experts also are recommending this coin as the future competitor for several giant cryptocurrencies.

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However, during this research, we found another crypto that boomed very silently and rapidly and we must tell about that here. Yes, we are saying about Bitgert (BRISE) which increased by more than 12,000% within 150days in the year 2021 and it is highly expected that it will also roam around in the news during the upcoming year.

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So, it is the best time to invest in Shiba INU and Bitgret or at least keep an eye on them. There are several other cryptocurrencies which are supposed to make good result in 2022 and we’ll keep updating about them time to time.

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