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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Ecosystem of 2022 That Can Yield Great Profit

top profitable cryptocurrencies of 2022

Even a couple of years ago Bitcoin was the market leader in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The price boomed suddenly and captured almost 70% of the market value. However, now new cryptocurrencies have entered into the ecosystem making it tough for Bitcoin to retain its investors and as a result right now Bitcoin has only 40% of its market share. Though the overall value of it has increased a lot since 2019.

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Anyway now let’s know about some of the most popular and fast growing cryptocurrencies that you can consider for your next investment.

Top 10 Fast Growing Cryptos

Cryptocurrency Platform Growth during Dec. ’20 vs. Dec. ’21
Terra 313%
Solana 307%
NEAR 291%
Fantom 271%
Avalanche 179%
Polygon 175%
Kusama 162%
Internet Computer 146%
Moonriver 125%
Algorand 117%
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At this moment, Ethereum is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency platform and all these cryptos are basically competitors of Ethereum. However, do note that, these cryptos aren’t the top volume holders. If you want some of the top volume cryptocurrencies, check the list below:

Top 10 Large Cap Cryptos

Cryptocurrency Platform Volume
Ethereum 1,296
Polkadot 529
Cosmos 303
Solana 228
Bitcoin 217
NEAR 137
Cardano 118
Kusama 110
Tezos 86
Binance Smart Chain 84
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Now, based on your strategy and budget, decide which would you prefer. If you are looking for quick profit, experts would recommend you some of the fast growing cryptos, which were mentioned in the first table. However, if you want a stable and comparatively low-risk growth, you should prefer the large volume cryptos.

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