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Top 10 Trending Cryptocurrency in February 2022

top cryptos in february 2022

The year 2021 made cryptocurrency famous among the investors with mesmerising spike in price and new records in most of the crypto coins. People were expecting that the trend will continue in 2022 as well. But, the first month of 2022 made people scared with several level price drop sucking their profit.


Thankfully in the month of February, the trend has become bullish once again with sharp price up in most of the major cryptocurrencies. So, let’s check the top 10 cryptos in the market in the February where you can invest your fund with confidence to book good profit.

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With a sharp fall in January 2022 Ether has lost a good number of investors. Though, most of the experts say that it was a correction step of Ether to drop the unwanted buyers and to go up more steadily. The good news is proving the prediction right, Ether is increasing sharply.



Tether is backed by Fiat currencies making it a stable coin that maintains a consistent value. If you invest in this crypto, you can be sure that the price won’t fall all of a sudden.

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It has been noticed that when Bitcoin and other major cryptos go down, Terra goes up. While it may be a co-incidence, the same happened most of the times in the past making it a good crypto during the down trend.



Polygon is known for its user-friendly platform and flexible framework that allows the developers to create multiple applications easily. So, there is a good chance, it will boom in the near future with good pace.

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With an extreme growth of 3000% in the year 2021, the crypto has become famous among the investors. The crypto is still retaining it’s trend with consistent price rise making it one of the top cryptos to invest in February.


Check price of other popular cryptos in the market with their live price.

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