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Top Authentic Yet Low Price Cryptocurrencies with High Return Potential of 2022

top low price cryptocurrencies 2022

Even a few years back cryptocurrency was a zombie term for Indians. But, with historical profit stories of crypto investors and economical tight situation of traditional investment schemes somehow forced people to participate in cryptocurrency.

But, for the first timers it’s very hard to take brave decision and making investment on those USD cryptos with high price — specially for the small investors. So, here are some of the highly potential low price cryptos of 2022.



Being a native coin of Ripple, XRP uses an open-source ledger system. It’s an enterprise blockchain where anyone can invest from across the globe. With the facility to make payment through XRP faster and securer making it increasingly popular among the investors. So, the price of XRP is going high rapidly and it can be still a good choice for the new and small budget investors.

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Dogecoin is a crypto supported by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and this is enough to boom the price of the cryptocurrency any time in 2022. After the tweet from Elon where he told about his support for this coin, it started taking pace rapidly and no doubt this tradition will continue throughout the year 2022 and thus, it can be one of the most lucrative yet low price digital coin right now.

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Shiba INU

With a huge jump in price in the month of October in 2021 the cryptocurrency showed its potentiality and now it’s one of the most discussed crypto in the industry. So, if you are planning to enter the crypto market with a small budget, it can be one of the most trusted choice.

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With custom blockchain ecosystem Avalanche becomes the top competitor of Ethereum that offers decentralised applications. In the recent past, it overtook several of its competitors with a huge volume and created new records. However, till now it is within reach of small investors and can yield excellent results in the near future.

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