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Share Market or Cryptocurrency — Where to Invest in 2022

Share Market vs Cryptocurrency

Both are badly reputed for its volatile nature and high risk factor. So, apparently both comes under the same category if you are looking between a safe and risky investment scheme.

But, market researchers say that without risk, you can’t make good profit. If you have right foresight, proper passion to do thorough research and have enough extra fund, you can literally multiply your fund within a short period. For others, it’s better to stick to Fixed Deposits and Mutual Funds.

So, what if you are ready to take risk? Well, there are crazy people who aren’t satisfied with those pennies; they are ready to play risky — if it has the right opportunity to skyrocket their capital. So, let’s do a quick comparison between these two super investment schemes — cryptocurrency and share market.

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No doubt both are extremely volatile and the price may spring up or fall down in very short time, may be within few minutes. But, when it comes to share market, as those are regulated by several financial bodies of the country, they have an upper and lower ceiling to get control over both profit and loss.

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On the other hand, crypto is still a toddler and have no halter on it. So, it can literally give you any amount of profit or loss in a single day, may be 100%, or even more. Naturally, it can give you same amount of loss either.

However, the good news is, crypto market is still not enough saturated and creating new records every day. So, if you have the right patience, it can be told that it has enough ability to give you huge return in few weeks, months or years, if not very quickly. While share market aren’t going to make you millionaire overnight anyhow, neither will bankrupt you.

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So, it will be very good idea, as per crypto experts, to invest in multiple authentic and trending cryptos and let them reach a certain stage through several ups and downs and based on historical record, keep swapping them from one to another to create a good wealth.

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