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Chances of Bitcoin Price Drop below $30,000 due to Russia-Ukraine War Situation

russia ukraine conflict

Once again the treat to sudden price drop of Bitcoin is haunting investors. As per experts the war situation of between Ukraine and Russia has become serious and it may impact badly on the global economy including share market and crypto market.


As per the latest news, even on Tuesday the Bitcoin price dropped and it’s not turning the graph stably. While the Bitcoin price was already low with $37450, right now it has reached $36350 which has caused severe loss for the traders.

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As per report, the stock market also is dropping rapidly and most of the shares are going down constantly which is a clear signal that it can be a severe downtime as compared to the historical report.

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As per financial experts, it’s not only the Russia crisis which resulted the price fall. There are other factors like regulations in the crypto by US government as well as the sharp rise in the interest rates has affected the overall market.

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However, it is really a fact that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has impacted badly the market and in case it finally go worse, it could become a serious time for the investors to take decision. So, all the investors are now monitoring the situation among Ukraine and Russia to set their future steps accordingly.

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