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China Planning to Launch 1300 Satellites Challenging Elon Musk’s High Speed Internet

5G Internet by Elon Musk

Elon Musk launched 2000 satellites to offer high speed internet to the global users — specially the rural users. As per the report, China is planning to challenge this plan by launching 13000 satellites to compete with Elon Musk.


The basic plan of China is to provide high speed 5G internet to the global users. China will install these satellites in the lower orbit to catch high frequency which will ensure high coverage across the world.

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However, as per the global leaders, it can be a scheme of China to spy on the world, specially when most of the countries has become against China after the outbreak of Corona Virus.


As per the report published by DailyMail, China is continuing this project in the Chongking town in a very rapid pace to participate in this race. Their primary intention by launching these satellites is to boost the speed of their 5G internet to multiple times as well as to spread this service across the globe. However, it has become a matter of stress for several global leaders who believes that it must be a method of China to spy on several countries.

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This is to include that, Elon Musk has already established 2000 satellites on the space till now and he has a massive plan of adding 40000 more satellites to cover the world completely through extremely high speed internet service at a very cheap price. But, now when China is almost prepared to launch 13,000 satellites at a time, it will undoubtedly increase stress of Musk. So, the world is now waiting for Elon’s next step on this matter and if China gets success in this mission.

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