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Chinese Economy Seems to Overpower US Economy by 2028

china vs us economy

Since last few decades China has become the manufacturing hub of the world and they have silently captured a huge space among almost every industry. Due to this, China is generating a huge amount of revenue every year from all these industries which is empowering the Chinese economy and simultaneously weakening the economy of competitor countries.

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As per Centre for Economics and Business Research of UK, after outbreak of COVID19, China controlled its severity very effectively and very quickly which eventually give the it a chance to downtrend all its competitors.

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In the mean time Corona pandemic become extremely worse in US and more than 3,30,000 people died in the COVID19 attack which affected the US badly.

The dragon used this situation very well and multiplied their production to collect most of the global fund during this turmoil and as a result it increased its GDP by several percentages. As assumed by many top level economist, China can boom as the leading country in the world economically and by 2028, it can easily demolish its competitors by overpowering US economy.

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