nhnhbg Clinical Trial for Implanting Chips in Human Brain Starts with Elon Musk’s Company Neuralink – Money Up Down
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Clinical Trial for Implanting Chips in Human Brain Starts with Elon Musk’s Company Neuralink

elon musk's neuralink chip

Elon Musk is known for his revolutionary thoughts and aggressive nature to implement those going beyond traditional business model; and Tesla is the brightest example of the success rate of his out-of-the-box thinking.


Now a days, as said by Matthew MacDougall, the head surgeon of Neuralink, they already have tested implanting programmed microchip on monkey’s brain and the monkey is able to play simple video games. And after that success they are now planning to start clinical trial for implanting these microchips on human brain.

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The actual motto, at the primary stage, is to help people with severe paralysis, move their hands, talk, use mobile phones and so some of such easy activities. They will implant the microchip in people who are affected with severe paralysed and they will connect the motor neurons with several electrodes which will collect the brain signals and will send to the robotic arms.


In fact, this is not the first time human is trying any such step. Doctors already use such signalling process to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease and epilepsies. However, in this case, Elon’s company will directly implant the microchip in human brain so that it stays their permanently and work for the rest of the lifetime, just like a pacemaker.

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As per report, Neuralink is not the only company that’s involved in such research. Rather, Bryan Johnson, the founder of Braintree, already have sold his brand to PayPal at $800 and have invested all the earning on research of implanting microchip in human brain. But, Neuralink has already got success in the first step, as noticed in a video published by the company, where they claims to implant the microchip in a monkey’s brain successfully.

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So, now the medical industry, as well as the world is waiting eagerly for the next update from the company about the result of this clinical trial.

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