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Elon Musk Planning to Launch New Social Media Platform

Elon Musk is a regular user of Twitter and he often criticizes the platform for too much restrictions on sharing your thoughts and opinions. Recently he started a poll on twitter welcoming people to share their thoughts whether twitter adheres freedom of speech or not.


As expected, it got a huge 70% vote where people selected ‘no’ as their answer. After starting the poll, he also told people to vote carefully as it will be a serious poll with further consequences.

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While it became a hot news with assumptions on his further plan, last Sunday while answering a media, Elon said that he wants to launch a social media platform where he will offer maximum freedom of speech. He added that it will have an open source algorithm and will respect people’s freedom of speech.

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Now, when Donald Trump’s social media platform Truth Social didn’t get enough importance from people, it has become a big question among tech giants if it would be able to attract enough users. However, it is fact that Elon Musk has past reputation on creating out of the box products packed with attractive features.

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So, now people need to wait until Elon finally launches its own social media platform to know how it performs and whether it becomes able to beat other top row social platforms.

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