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India Rejects Elon Musk’s Request to Reduce Import Duty of Tesla Cars

Tesla Car in India

Finally Indian Government rejected the request made by Elon Musk to give discount on the import duty of electric vehicles of Tesla. In fact, Elon Musk submitted the request on 2019 and since then Tesla tried several times to convince India on this matter.


However, at initial stage, India offered a probability of tax discount with a condition that Tesla have to setup their manufacturing hub in India so that it helps in employment in the country. But, Musk couldn’t show any positive activity on this matter and both party continued mailing each other on this matter several times.

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But, as per a report, finally Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs of India has rejected the request on the basis that there are Indian company who are already engaged in manufacturing electric vehicles and in case Tesla gets such discount on tax, the Indian companies will face a severe challenge competing with such an advanced car.

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As Indian Government is trying to encourage Make in India mission where it is inviting all manufacturers to setup their factory in India and produce their products within the country, the Government doesn’t want to discourage the local brands by offering any incentive on tax to Tesla.


As per a survey, Indian car lovers have massive craze for the Tesla car and Elon Musk knows that it could be a great market for Tesla to create new records. But, now after this verdict of course Elon Musk will be under pressure to make good sales with an absurdly high price for Indian buyers. So, now Indian customers have to wait some time to see what step Tesla takes to offer them a reasonably priced electric vehicle with the signature Tesla features.

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