nhnhbg India’s Modi Government Offers a Deal to Elon Musk to Launch Tesla Wonder Cars in India – Money Up Down
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India’s Modi Government Offers a Deal to Elon Musk to Launch Tesla Wonder Cars in India

modi with elon musk

Since 2019 Elon Musk is trying to convince Modi Government to launch the car in Indian market. But, Elon wanted the government to offer a discount on import tax so that Tesla can offer cars at an affordable rate to its customers.


However, from the initial stage, Modi government is rigid in its decision where the government wants the brand to develop the cars in India so that it generates employment and further benefits to the government and above all, the country.

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Regarding the tax benefit, India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Modi was never in any mood to offer such privilege to the brand at the early stage. But, now after a long 3 year discussion, Modi government has offered a deal to Elon Musk, where he has shown interest in offering tax discount to Tesla — if the brand set ups their manufacturing hub in India.


Being one of the biggest markets, India remained the prime target for Elon Musk to enter the Indian market with amazing range of electric vehicles. However, the company is facing challenges from the very beginning as the government doesn’t want to approve the ‘import and sell’ business model.

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So, now, when Indian government has confirmed to do some compromise in tax, it’s very important to notice if the company also thinks on setting up manufacturing factory in the local to make it a success.

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Though, as per some authentic resource, government is still not enough happy with the business plan provided by the brand and as per some senior officials, it is still in very broad stage which needs to be fine tuned and should make it more feasible and clear to the government.


So, now let’s see how fruitful it becomes and what steps Tesla takes to offer the Tesla experience to the Indian people.

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