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India’s PM Modi Becomes World’s Most Popular Person Keeping Biden Back

modi becomes top famous leader

Keeping the tradition intact, India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi once again become the most popular person in the world. As per an intense research by Morning Consult Political Intelligence on all the popular people across the world, they found that people has more than 71% acceptance for Modi which makes him a massive winners in the world.


It is very strange that even Joe Biden, Boris Johnson have left far away by PM Modi and that proves his magic once again. As per the report published in the website, they conducted a massive survey among all the countries and collected people’s opinion that validates the report. They mentioned that in the year 2020, Modi received even higher score and topped with 84% vote, while the number dropped to 61% in the last year due to the pandemic crisis situation.

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However, this year he has again achieved the place successfully. Though, he hasn’t got the feather of Best Leader this year. If we check the report in more detail, we find that Joe Biden is in 6th position and and after that the same place is captured by Justin Trudeau where both have got 43% acceptance from people.

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As per Morning Consult, they conduct the survey among the top prime ministers of several countries and runs the campaign for 7 days where they collect a bulk number of vote from various types of people and then make an average of the data to get the final score.

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The journal also confirms that they currently keep record of only the prime ministers and discloses the only top 13 popular leaders.

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