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Musk’s Neuralink in Legal Trouble due to Suffering of Monkeys after Experiment

elon musk chip experiment on monkey

Few weeks ago it was came to know that Elon Musk’s Neuralink has got success implanting chip in monkey’s brain and now the company is planning to start clinical trial on extremely paralized people. The doctors of Neuralink claimed that their experiment will revolutionize the medical world as they will be able to offer a normal life to paralized people by making them able to talk, use mobile, and do other basic activities.

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However, recently the Physicians Committee has alleged that Neuralink is torturing the monkeys against Animal Welfare Act and they have submitted detailed report on it. Based on the report, they are preparing for legal steps against the company.


The information become public when a monkey was found with missing fingers and toes due to some self-mutilation or other medical reasons. After this the agency investigated and submitted report on several incidents where they suspect out of 23 monkeys at least 15 has been either died or has been euthanized as final clinical procedure.

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As per the report, in a case a monkey’s brain was drilled and chip was implanted and then a skin infection spread across its body and Neuralink euthanized it. In another case, a female monkey started vomiting and other symptoms become acute after the brain surgery and thus it also has been euthanized.

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While these cases are still under investigation, it is clear that Elon Musk would be in trouble handling the situation, as it may affect his other businesses, if he couldn’t prove his innocence through valid and satisfiable reason to this suffering.

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