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Tesla Should Learn Lessons from Apple to Ensure Entry in India

tesla car in india

Tesla disobeyed the traditional business rule and started voicing over electronic platforms like tweeter making government policies open to all, and that made the way to India tougher for Elon Musk, says a journalist, Surajeet Das Gupta.


Tesla first applied for getting approval for launching the electric cars in India in the year 2019, with a request to cut a major part of the import duty. In reply, the Indian government asked Tesla to setup their manufacturing hub in India to get the permission and other benefits.

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But, the situation wasn’t going in favour of Elon as he started tweeting the discussions over to public which put the Indian government somehow in pressure, as allowing foreign electric vehicles at a deducted tax would make the Indian car industry in trouble, specially when the battery driven car is almost nill in Indian market. So, eventually, it will become an uneven competition for the Indian manufacturers, and as the Modi government regularly speaks for localization of industries, they are putting pressure on the government.

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As per Surajeet Das Gupta, Indian government levy an import duty of 60% to 100% on importing cars from foreign market which is the highest among the world. Elon Pointed to this issue and said that while Modi Government says for greener world, his such a massive import duty on a revolutionary car like Tesla doesn’t fit with his speech.


As per Elon Musk, he wants to allow Indians purchase Tesla at a record price; but the huge import duty will make it unnecessarily costly.

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So, now, both the domestic top brands like Mahindra, Tata as well as the foreign manufacturers are waiting for the final decision from the Indian Government as well as Elon Musk to take their next step. Stuck between this, Indian car lovers also are waiting, if they finally get the wonder car in Indian market, or if they will need to see it in digital media only.

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