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Tesla Will Now Accept Dogecoin as Payment — Elon Musk

tesla accepting dogecoin

Last month Elon Musk said that Tesla is planning to accept cryptocurrency payment for cars as a test and now the process has been started by Tesla by Dogecoin. After official confirmation from Tesla, the price of Dogecoin increased by 14% which have cheered the crypto ecosystem once again.

As per a report published by Tesla, it will accept payment of Giga Texas and some mini electric vehicle through cryptocurrency along with traditional currency. This news has remarkably put impact on the crypto industry as a recognition of the meme based coin in the global market.

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Elon Musk is always known as the proponent of the blockchain based cryptocurrency and he already had announced the possibility to accept dogecoin and bitcoin as the future payment currency for Tesla.

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As Tesla always remained in top for its high demanding products, specially the new products like Cyberwhistle and Cyberquad for Kids and thus it can be proved as a great decision by Elon to make them more affordable by allowing crypto payments.

As per a report, after the announcement that Tesla accepting dogecoin as the official payment method, people are preferring making payments through the crypto instead of dollars and it has increased the sales of Tesla products even more.

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So, it’s time to see if the manufacturing industry follows this revolutionary decision of Tesla or the company itself withdraws its decision after its trial run.

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