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The Secret Story behind How Tesla Grew 740% Just in Two Year

how tesla grew so fast

Few days ago Tesla reached $1trillion valuation which raised huge curiosity among the financial experts. Along with this, Elon Musk crossed his net worth by $300 billion. It is quite unbelievable for the experts that when in June 2019 the stock price was $179 and still the price dropping rapidly, what miracle changed the growth chart and reached it beyond $1200 by 2021?

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Actually, in the year 2019, a massive product issue started in Tesla that lead to unexpected delivery delay. As a consequence, just only in the year Tesla faced a huge loss of $700 million in the first quarter. Making it further tough for the company, most of the employees resigned from the company.


But, even during such financial and business turmoil, the company decided to launch more electric vehicles against giant brands like Volkswagen, Ford etc. Gradually, the company started selling regulatory credits by the years 2021 which eventually brought the bright days for the company.

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As per most of the experienced financial experts, basically Tesla is an overvalued company without any viable business model and thus, people shouldn’t rely on it so blindly.

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But, the good thing is that, by their strategic marketing plan, the company took an U-turn and grew like anything in such a short time and made it one of the best sellers in the car industry. So, it’s obviously a learnable fact for other giant brands and all these happened only because of Elon Musk’s sharp and futuristic vision.

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