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Twitter May Change after Elon Musk Becomes The Biggest Shareholder

Last week Elon Musk purchased 73 million twitter shares and became the biggest shareholder of Twitter — worlds the most popular micro blogging website. Now, Musk has a total of 9.2% shares.


In fact since few weeks Elon was complaining about Twitters restriction policy and he was claiming that Twitter doesn’t pay attention to people’s freedom of speech. Actually, recently Twitter deleted few posts of Elon Musk claiming that they aren’t appropriate for their audience.

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After that Elon started a poll on Twitter asking people whether this social media platform really cares about freedom of speech of its users. Remarkably, almost 72% people accepted that Twitter doesn’t allow to speak freely over this platform and frequently deletes tweets or suspends accounts based on some vague policy.

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At that time few newspaper asked him regarding the poll, and he explained that he may launch a new social media platform that will aim in offering people complete freedom to share their thoughts with the world and won’t restrict them from saying what they think.


But, surprisingly with a complete U-turn, Elon Musk purchased the a bulk share of Twitter which has again raised rumors that Elon may make valid changes in Twitter along with the Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal.

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Now, it’s time to see if twitter finally allows people to share their thoughts or it’s about to introduce any new feature or something completely different.

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