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Indian Economy

India Would Become $10 Trillion Economy by Next 25 Years — World Bank

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India is growing rapidly and even during this pandemic it has successfully retained the GDP. The strong strategy of current government and rapid vaccination has reduced the impact of the pandemic.

Hardeep Sing Puri, in a virtual meeting said that by 2025, India can confidently reach $5 trillion economy and there’s high chances that by 2030 it will cross $10 trillion, if it can retain the acceleration of economical growth in this pace.

The Union Minister, Mr. Puri, confirmed that after leaving the government’s control from Bharat Petroliam to private sector, everything went as per our estimation and it’s a great signal for Indian economy.

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As per a report, Indian Government may stop the divestment of BPCL and it was decided after the big deal of Air India.

He said that the market has raised in various sector very strongly and that can be noticed in the 250% increment of the share market since March 20.

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India has already vaccinated more than one billion doses and it has made sure that people are now able to participate in their work more actively as the cases of COVID19 has dropped significantly. While after the attack of the new variant of Corona, the Omicron, the cases have increased suddenly, the good news is, most of the people are showing very less or almost no symptoms and thus, mostly they are not requiring any hospitalization. As explained by Mr. Puri, it is a big relief for government in case of healthcare expenses due to the pandemic and that’s another reason, we are still growing so stably.

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The World Bank also has supported this news and have confirmed that all the growth symptoms of India are showing very positive result and it can be told that by next 25 years India will cross $10 trillion economy, if not by 2030.

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