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Tesla Facing Challenges Getting Approval from Indian Govt. — Elon Musk

tesla launch date in india

While Tesla has become popular across the world for its out of the box features, Indian people still waiting for this wonder car in Indian market and everything regarding the future chances is in completely dark when it can get the final approval from Modi Government.

One of the Tesla fans when directly asked Elon Musk on Twitter, about the update of launching Tesla in Indian market, he replied confronting that Elon’s company is still trying to convince the Indian Government regarding giving the required approval, but they are facing several challenges from the government and thus, it’s clear that there’s no chance of getting this techy-car sooner in the market.

As per a report from a valid source, Tesla isn’t getting approval basically for two point — Government wants Tesla to manufacture the car in India, while the 2nd reason is Tesla wants to reduce the import duty.

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In fact, Tesla has submitted their first proposal to Indian Government in the year 2019 to allow them to enter the Indian market. But, Modi Government requested Tesla to open their manufacturing hub at India and also asked them to submit detailed report about their further plan. While Tesla wants to ship ready product at the initial stage and also wants government to allow some discount on import duty to make it more affordable to Indian fans.

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Now, let’s see what final decision takes Modi government to make Tesla available to its fans.

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